A downloadable audacious game

Game Description: In LOTAC players take on the role of Dale; a professional and audacious chef who upon the request of an almighty food god sets out on an adventure into an alien world. Dale's Mission? To eradicate all unqualified chefs by weaponizing his love for food.
File Size: 5MB
Controls: Jump = Tab
Shoot = Space bar
Movement = Directional Arrows
Lvl Menu = Backspace

Developer: mellymelmel (Hi there, I am a game developer who has just finished my first project titled Legend of the Audacious Chef.)


- 6 Levels

- Arcade-style artwork

- 8 bit audio

- Three environments to explore; Grass Lands, Fire Lands and Water Lands

- Wide range of enemies inhabiting each environment

Install instructions

Download and play (executable from GameMaker)


Legend of the Audacious Chef.exe 4 MB


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I like it. The levels are varied to some extent, and I absolutely love that portal door. And all these different pick up, for example the milk. It even looks like the milk sparkles or glistens. So pretty :D You also have lots of different enemies. Some are fast, some are slow and some even walk on the walls. I like that. Good job, Melinda! :D